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FAQs - Training & Scheduling

How will I be trained?

All of our training is done virtually in a classroom setting.

Do I get paid during training?

Yes, training is paid!

How long is training?

The length of the training will depend on the client program.  Your recruiter will tell you how long the training period will be.

How often do you offer classes?

Class offerings are dependent on business and client need.  Once a class has been scheduled, the schedule is fixed and 100% attendance is required.

Will I be tested during training?

Tests will be done at various points throughout the training period to ensure you understand the material you have been presented and are prepared to start working on the program when the training is completed.

Once I complete training, will I have to work at fixed times or can I work whenever I want?

Schedules are agreed at time of hire.  Once your schedule is set, you will be expected to work the hours that were agreed.

Are the positions part-time or full-time?

Skybridge employs both part-time and full-time employees.  The job description when you apply will indicate what we are looking for.  Operating hours for each client is different.

Do you need people that work night hours or weekends?

Yes, we have shifts during these times.  However, this would be specific to a client program as not all of our clients require this.  Your recruiter can provide you more information about shifts and hours.

What happens if I can't work during a scheduled time?

Since schedules are set based on call volume and staff forecasting, it is very important that representatives work the schedule they are assigned.  If you need a different shift on a certain day, or need to request a new shift schedule overall, we do have processes to review these requests to determine if we are able to accommodate the change.  Time-off requests are decided on a case-by-case basis dependent on business need.

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