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BYOD Technical Requirements

You MUST meet the minimum hiring requirements for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to qualify for our Agents Anywhere program.  If selected for one of our opportunities, you will be required to submit a systems compliance file that will be provided during your virtual onboarding to ensure you are ready to go!  There may be additional or different requirements for specific client accounts.  Please speak to your recruiter to ensure you understand the requirements for the position you are applying to.



A PC-compatible system with admin access (Mac is NOT supported)

  • Windows 10 or newer Windows Desktop Operating System only

  • A minimum of 20 GB, or more, (Gigabytes) hard drive space required

  • A sound card or integrated audio device is required

  • 4 GB, or more, (Gigabytes) system memory required

  • Graphics Resolution: 1680x900 or better required

  • A graphics card that is a DirectX 9, or later, with either a WDDM 1.0 or 2.0 driver

  • Two monitors are required, 19 inches or greater

  • Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome Version 68.0, Mozilla Firefox Version 73 or newer

  • Anti-Virus Anti-Malware Software kept up to date - Microsoft provides free Security Essentials software 


Anti-Virus Software

Skybridge Americas requires all employees to have an anti-virus installed on the computer they use to perform work for the company. The employees are required to have only the approved antivirus software. You may choose to download your software of choice upon accepting a position at Skybridge or before your official start date.

Ensure that your anti-malware software is kept current. If used as a subscription, ensure your subscription remains current. Also, ensure it is configured to automatically download and install the latest updates, definitions or patches. Skybridge is not liable for malware (e.g. virus, spyware, etc.) introduced to your system.

For a list of approved anti-virus software, please click here.


Skybridge Americas does not require a telephone line for work use. You will, however, need a telephone to communicate with your supervisor as needed.


A good quality USB headset with a mute button is required for online training and handling live customer calls.

  • Below is a list of multiple corded USB headsets brands that are compatible, however, we recommend you acquire the Plantronics Blackwire or Plantronics Encorepro series model headsets as they have been tested and successfully used with our systems:



Plantronics Blackwire C5220T

Plantronics Blackwire C3220 Headset

Plantronics Blackwire C225 Headset

Plantronics EncorePro 500

Plantronics EncorePro HW725


Jabra BIZ 1500

Jabra BIZ 2300

Jabra BIZ 2400

Jabra Engage 50

Jabra Evolve 30

Jabra Evolve 40


Logitech H570E

Logitech H650E (Stereo PN: 981-000518)

Logitech H820E


Leitner LH240 (Single Ear)

Leitner LH245

Sennheiser SC 75

Sennheiser SC 165


Internet Connection
  • High-speed, low latency wired Internet service is required with 5 Mbps download, and 2.5 Mbps upload speed.

  • Cellular, WiFi, Microwave, and/or radio-based connections are not supported on the platform.


You must be ethernet cable connected to your modem/router during work to ensure there is no disruption to your ability to take calls.


Notice:  You may call your internet provider for more information regarding your connection.  Ethernet cables in all sizes may be found online or at any store that sells computer equipment.


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