Skybridge Americas & Charity Miles

We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Charity Miles, a free iPhone and Android app that turns all the miles you walk, run or bike anyway into money for charity. Founded in 2012, Charity Miles is one of the top rated health and fitness apps, and the #1 charity app in the AppStore.


Charity Miles works like a fitness tracker and syncs with your phone's internal pedometer and GPS to track your miles. It also syncs with your phone's Health Kit (iOS) and Strava to import from any activity trackers you may have connected to them.


We use Charity Miles for our fitness challenges as part of our Wellness Wednesday series.  It’s a great opportunity to get everyone moving and raise some money for worthy charities at the same time!!  You can join the Skybridge Americas page to participate.  Below are the instructions on how to install the app and become part of the team. 


1. Look for the Charity Miles app in your phone’s app store.

2. Once you have Charity Miles set up, click on the suitcase icon on the home screen to join our team. [Use code: SH1221FX]

3. On iOS, make sure you're connected to Health Kit.

4. If you want to connect with Strava, follow these instructions.

5. If you have any questions, you can likely find answers here.

6. If you have any trouble with the app, please email


Then get moving and start turning all your walks, runs or bike rides into money for charity! #EveryMileMatters #EveryKilometerMatters